Our selection

You walk around the city between magical islands, exciting city districts and charming houses from the past. You experience exciting castles and green gardens. 

Why not bring a friend and look for celebrities at a cemetery, look for historical footprints or discover one of our world heritage sites. Hiking in nature, the park or the city. With new or old friends. A great selection of city walks all year round and always with a licensed tour guide that speaks english. 

Starting spring 2022, we will add Uppsala as a new destination to our program. 

Walking around the city with a knowledgeable and organized guide means that you have time to see much more than when you walk alone. You save time and money. The times are adapted to avoid rush hour traffic and congestion. It should feel comfortable and safe to be out in a group. Here you can read about our range of Nature Walks in Stockholm and City Walks in Stockholm, Västerås, Uppsala and the rest of Sweden.

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