After more than 20 years abroad in Italy as a tour manager I moved back to my home country Sweden in 2011. In order not to forget the Italian language I started in 2017 my own company VerdeVerde Travel

Verde is the Italian word for green. Sustainable activities and city walks in a green city is my thing. I choose an Italian name to attract Italian tourists to visit Stockholm in a greener way. Less tourist buses, more city walks. We protect the environment in words and actions. Nowadays we cater not only Italians, but English speaking clients from all over the globe and Swedish speaking clients. 

All our activities are being held outdoors. It gives you health, fresh air and new knowledge. As a bonus you also get new friends. The time schedule of our tours are being planned for you to explore less of a crowd & less waiting. We distance ourselves from mass-tourism. We have chosen to operate with individuals or smaller groups. As tourists we should not leave anything but footprints behind. We ourselves only use local transport like bus, boat, metro, subway and train. We recommend you to do the same.  

All our colleagues are given the opportunity to participate and influence. We give the colleagues the basic rights and promote a fairer society. We work together to secure the economic system and growth by seeking fair and resource-efficient business models. We arrange experiences to the most beautiful and finest places in Sweden and abroad.  

We are keen on sustainable tourism development that is based on a conscious ecological and economic mindset with local roots. When food and drinks are included in the activities, we first and foremost choose organic and/or locally produced goods that leave as little of a climate footprint as possible. 

We want to inspire our customers to an active lifestyle in harmony with nature where respect for plants and animals is a matter of course. Where possible, we collaborate with local business and entrepreneurs. We only make purchases for the company when we have to, primarily we try to borrow or rent. If we have to buy, we choose larger units and avoid single-use materials. We reuse as far as possible and offset the climate when we can. If we all help each other, we can together have a more sustainable tourism and future. 

We are constantly looking at how we can reduce our footprints and to reduce the injusties in the world. I thank you for not printing your activity ticket. Just tell the guide your name when you arrive to the starting point. In that way we can save energy and paper (trees). We collaborate with Swedish Welcome. A unique method that is driven by developing business into better and sustainable experiences.